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Limited Registration

Limited Registration
Conformation events (dog shows). Additionally, no puppies produced by a dog with Limited Registration are eligible for AKC

The choice to register a dog with Full or Limited privileges is solely in the hands of the dog's breeder. The breeder indicates
the Full or Limited designation by completing a section of the dog's individual registration application. The breeder's
designation is entered into the AKC registration system along with the dog's name, sex, color, and number, and becomes part
of the dog's permanent registration record. If the dog is entered in an AKC event, or if it appears as a sire or a dam on a
litter application, it is checked for eligibility against its Full or Limited Registration status.

Benefits for Breeders

Limited registration honors the prerogative of knowledgeable, responsible breeders to decide which dogs in a litter may later
be bred to produce AKC-registered dogs and which may not. By indicating Limited Registration on a dog's application and
explaining the conditions to the new owners, the breeder can be confident that the owner cannot use the dog to produce and
sell AKC-registerable puppies that may not meet the standards of the breeder's program.

If the breeder later decides that the dog has developed in such a way that its registration status should be changed, the
breeder has the right to change the status from Limited to Full. Only the breeder has the power to make that change, and, in
the case of multiple breeders, all breeders must agree. The owner cannot make any changes to the dog's registration status.

By using Limited Registration, breeders can provide AKC papers to all of their puppy owners, while still controlling which
puppies will be bred. It is an excellent tool to demonstrate breeders' concern for the future of their lines and their
commitment to preserving excellence within their breed.

Benefits for Owners

Owners should know that the Limited Registration status has no bearing on a dog's potential to be an excellent representative
of its breed, a wonderful pet, and a standout participant in most AKC events. In fact, having a "Limited" dog can be very
liberating, as owners don't have to wrestle with the question "to breed or not to breed"-that decision is made by the breeder
when the Limited option is indicated on the registration application.

Dogs with Limited Registration can compete in every AKC event except Conformation (because the latter is an evaluation of
breeding stock). These include the Companion Events--Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking--which are open to all breeds,
and the Performance Events--Field Trials, Hunting, Lure Coursing, Herding, Earthdog and Coonhound--which are open to
specific breeds only. Training for and participating in these events promotes a special bond between dogs and owners.
Together, dogs and owners learn new skills, spend quality time together, and--who knows?--may even achieve great success in
their chosen sport.

When it comes to being a great competitor or just a lifelong friend, a dog with Limited Registration has no limits at all.

Dogs with Limited Registrations will receive certificates with orange borders and the words, "Offspring of this dog not eligible
for registration."